Steps to Digital Transformation: A PTC Virtual Conference

Take a walk through our virtual conference to see how your organization can gain:

  • Increased change management efficiency with repeatable processes and traceability
  • Increased parts reuse and decreased data duplication
  • Single, up-to-date source of truth for product data
  • Faster, more accurate response to internal/market pressures
  • Earlier, improved cross-discipline enterprise collaboration

A fully digital representation of your product is the cornerstone to your digital transformation strategy. At the center of that lies a complete bill of materials (BOM).

In this virtual conference, you can choose from multiple presentations. Spend as much time as you want learning how to improve your BOM through digital transformation:

  • BOM Structure
  • BOM Visualization
  • Change Management
  • Component and Supplier Management
  • Enterprise Collaboration
  • BOM Transformation
  • BOM Reporting & Analytics
  • Connected PLM
  • Production Planning
  • Quality

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