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It takes more than a game-changing idea to leave your mark on an industry; it takes a shift in mindset and a step-by-step approach to digital transformation

Embrace digital innovation every day

What does being at the forefront of innovation look like? It’s messy. It’s complex. It’s inspiring. It’s working to solve problems, even old ones, in new ways. It’s about making something lighter, smarter, safer, stronger. Digital innovation is a mindset of integrating change, challenges, and high-performing culture into every part of your business to meet industry disruption head-on. It requires a high level of organizational collaboration—from engineering, to manufacturing, and out to the field.

Aligning your company’s vision to digital transformation technologies is the first step towards pursuing future-looking initiatives, such as digital twin or smart, connected products.

Check out how some of PTC’s industry-leading customers are transforming their big ideas into innovative business models and driving incremental business improvements using PLM to create a digital thread.

Groupe Beneteau
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Groupe Beneteau

Groupe Beneteau is driving step-by-step digital transformation by incrementally creating and orchestrating a PLM-enabled digital thread that paves the way for innovation and market disruption.

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Polaris is taking riders to a new frontier by utilizing PLM, a digital thread, and digital twin to unlock the power of its employees and enable smart, connected vehicles.

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Vestas is seamlessly innovating wind turbine development through the engineering, manufacturing, and service disciplines leveraging enterprise-wide PLM.

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Volvo CE

Volvo CE replaced disconnected systems with a PLM-enabled digital thread to manage complexity and enable concurrent design and manufacturing.

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Whirlpool Corporation kickstarted digital transformation by integrating PLM with its core systems to improve data quality and flow for better downstream processes, reduced costs, and higher quality products.

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ZF is building the next generation of mobility by integrating its systems and platforms across the entire value chain. ZF is enabling greater collaboration while revolutionizing its business models, processes, products, and services.

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Business impact

See the value PTC's most innovative customers are driving across the organization.

See the value PTC's most innovative customers are driving across the organization.

Up to a 30% reduction in poor quality

Faster time to market and decisions

Lower development costs

Enhanced safety and reliability

Up to a 40% reduction in duplicate parts

Explore the PTC products that are helping these leaders achieve their digital innovation initiatives.

PTC’s Windchill helps enable enterprise-wide collaboration. Windchill's groundbreaking capabilities bring dispersed teams together, ensuring a single source of truth for product and process data.

Through ThingWorx Navigate’s role and task-based applications, you can provide downstream stakeholders direct access to up-to-date product data. Casual users can easily access the rich data stored within the organization’s enterprise system—no training required.