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Everything you need to implement IoT for remote monitoring

Train Project Team

Schedule training courses for members of your project team early. If you’re not sure what your team needs, contact a PTC training advisor. 

Before you begin, complete these steps:

Determine training needs

Determine training needs based on the roles on your team and your chosen use case(s). We have many options to help you start building applications with ThingWorx. For example, we have courses to learn to develop in ThingWorx, how to manage platform security, and a course for DevOps practices, among many others. 

Most courses are available through PTC University Training Central (requires a PTC account). A PTC training advisor can help you choose which courses are the most important for your team. 

Training delivery methods and cost

Depending on the course, training is available online or in person. We can bring experts to your location, you could join a class at a central location, or participate online.  

Costs depend on the course and delivery method. The LEARN Online Subscription gives you access to the entire catalog of ThingWorx courses that you can take online with a live instructor. If you bought a Success Plan, you could use your points to buy courses individually. To find out your options, talk to a training advisor. 

Recommended Resources

Complete training

To buy or sign up for PTC training courses, talk with a Training Advisor. You can find course listings, descriptions, and schedules at PTC University Training Central (requires login). 

The members of your project team should complete training as soon as possible. This enables each person to put their knowledge to practice as you work towards shared goals. 

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