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Everything you need to implement IoT for remote monitoring

Plan for Adoption

Make sure you have the right documentation and training available to enable your organization to adopt your IoT solution successfully.

Evaluate documentation needs

Those in your organization who support your IoT solution and use your ThingWorx applications will rely on documentation during and after deployment. There may be stakeholders outside your organization, such as your customer, who will need documentation, too. Identify what you need now so that you can create it along the way.

Create a list of the personas in your organization who are involved in creating, supporting, and using your IoT solution. Then articulate what they need included in documentation to do their jobs.

Here are some examples of audiences who may require documentation:

  • Developer
  • System administrator
  • Solution architect
  • Designer/user researcher
  • Application support team
  • Customer service
  • Edge implementer
  • Internal end users
  • External end users
  • Service organization

Consider when, how, and to whom documentation will need to be available. Once you define each audience, and their documentation needs, communicate this within your organization. Individuals responsible for creating documentation will have a clear picture of what needs to be included. Useful, timely documentation will enable successful adoption of your IoT solution.

Plan end user training

Identify who your end users are and what they need to adopt the new technology. End users of your ThingWorx applications may be employees, vendors, and customers. They need to understand how the solution was built and how it works in order to do their jobs successfully. This is especially important for super-users—those in positions to help or direct others.

For your use case, end users might be:

  • Service technicians
  • Service managers
  • Customer service employees
  • Vendors
  • Customers in the field

Each may need different levels of understanding and education. Determine what training and mentorship opportunities you can leverage or need to create. You may need technical documentation, presentations, or instructional material.

PTC can partner with your organization on training, mentoring, and developing materials. We can help train key individuals who will then be able to train others in your organization.

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