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Everything you need to implement IoT for remote monitoring

Develop a Long-Term IoT Solution Strategy

Plan how your organization will deploy and maintain future ThingWorx applications.

Create a roadmap

Use your list of prioritized use cases to create a plan for when and how you will build and deploy additional IoT applications. For each additional use case, include:

  • A high-level production schedule
  • The resources required
  • Any training activities needed

Determine how to manage the IT system

Assign a team to manage the health of the IT system that supports your IoT applications. This system management team is typically made of IT professionals. Their purpose is to:

  • Make sure the system is operating correctly
  • Respond to outages
  • Monitor the existing system performance and quality
  • Implement system upgrades

Determine how to manage your ThingWorx applications

After deployment, establish a dedicated, central application management team to manage ThingWorx applications and configurations. This team’s purpose is to:

  • Assess and prioritize changes requested to the existing application
  • Create and maintain the application roadmap
  • Determine the cadence in which new versions and iterations are deployed
  • Schedule new version implementations, including training for end users and the application support team
  • Make sure applications meet the needs of the organization

Determine how to provide solution support

Develop processes for providing post-deployment technical support for your IoT solution. Consider:

  • Availability
    • Decide whether your ThingWorx applications are critical to your operations and define your support model accordingly. If it’s a 24-hour-per-day, 7-days-per-week operation, your support must be available on a 24/7 basis. If your operations do not run 24/7, you can adjust availability accordingly.
    • Align the responsiveness of the support organization with the importance of the systems.
  • Roles and responsibilities
    • Who should deliver support? The responsibilities may span different areas. For example, one team may be responsible for issues at the edge and another oversees application maintenance. Your IT team likely has a “help desk” that will be the first point of contact for support. Determine how teams will triage issues among the various experts at different tiers.
  • Escalation
    • How will technical support escalate issues that are outside their domain of expertise?
    • How will they handle complex issues that require additional expertise?
    • In a tiered support model, the first level of support will engage increasing levels of expertise in the triage process as they work towards determining root cause and ultimately a solution. This expertise may span the varying roles and responsibilities.
    • PTC support may be contacted for any product-related issues or questions.

The team supporting the end-to-end solution is likely not the same team that built it. The solution should be well documented and handed off to the support team via training that includes not only the support aspects but also how best to monitor and maintain the solution.

To access PTC technical support, log a case with PTC eSupport. Once received, a member of the technical support team will assist you.

Recommended Resources

Plan handoff details

After you deploy your IoT project, the project team will transfer ownership to the appropriate application, system, or support management teams. The handoff may take place immediately after go-live deployment, or weeks afterward. Choose the milestone or date when the handoff will take place.

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