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Everything you need to implement IoT for remote monitoring

Configure Infrastructure and Install ThingWorx

Configure the infrastructure that will support your IoT initiative. Then, install the ThingWorx platform and any other software needed for your use case.

Configure the infrastructure

Set up your infrastructure according to your documented architecture plan. This includes any servers, networking, hardware, and devices needed to support ThingWorx across your organization. Prioritize the hardware and servers you need to get your development environment up and running so you can start developing your ThingWorx application as soon as possible.

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Install the ThingWorx platform

Before you begin, review the “ThingWorx System Requirements” document. Make sure you’re ready for installation.

To install the ThingWorx platform, log in to PTC eSupport. Select “Download Software.” Detailed installation steps are available in the “Installing and Upgrading ThingWorx” guide.

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Install or import additional software for your use case

If your use case requires additional ThingWorx software that your organization purchased, download it at this time. Log in to PTC eSupport. Select “Download Software.”

If you are not sure what software your organization has purchased, you can look it up. Select the option to “Download Software by Sales Order Number (SON).” You’ll need your customer number and sales order number if you need help identifying additional software, contact your PTC salesperson.

Additional software may include:

  • ThingWorx Analytics
  • ThingWorx Connection Server
  • ThingWorx Edge Microservers
  • ThingWorx Edge SDK

For detailed installation steps, find the applicable installation guide in the PTC Help Center.

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Confirm infrastructure security

Make sure your organization’s security measures will allow ThingWorx to communicate with your systems. Work with your IT or network infrastructure team to plan how data will pass from your network to ThingWorx. In some cases, network firewall(s) will block connections, which will prevent your integrations from passing data to ThingWorx.

Review the security requirements created earlier in the project to make sure that you meet expectations.

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