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Deployment Support

In the weeks after you deploy your IoT application, you’ll provide intensive hands-on support. Prevent downtime by anticipating and quickly resolving issues.

Provide deployment support

During and immediately following deployment, the project team who built your IoT solution must be readily available to resolve issues. They should also know how to reach IT, if necessary.

If your application is running 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, then 1-2 employees should be reachable outside of normal business hours in case of emergencies. If you thoroughly tested the system before deployment, emergencies are less likely.

Deployment support typically lasts 7-14 days and ends when the solution is functioning as expected. There may be ongoing bugs or minor fixes that developers address later.

Handoff to application support team

After deployment support has ended, the team who built your IoT solution will transfer ownership to your designated support organization planned earlier in the project. This team is responsible for providing technical support to ThingWorx users, among other duties. Ensure the application support team is trained and prepared to resolve potential issues.

After handoff, your support organization should never make changes to the application in production. If there is a problem, make the necessary changes on the development server, test them, and then publish them to production. Finally, note the change in the documentation.

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