Success Path
Everything you need to implement Industrial IoT in your manufacturing plants

Manage Organizational Change and Compliance

Ensure your organization is ready, willing, and able to function in a new business environment. An organizational change management plan will speed up your Industrial IoT implementation and facilitate success.

Navigate changes in process and people

For the frontline workers, managers, and other employees who will be using your Industrial IoT application—the world is changing. Your workforce will be adopting a new mindset, developing new skills, and learning new technology and processes. And while necessary, change can be difficult.

To help employees embrace change, plan to:

  • Communicate consistently
  • Listen openly to concerns and questions
  • Encourage participation
  • Share the benefits that Industrial IoT will bring to the employees and organization as a whole
  • Obtain active and visible executive sponsorship
  • Dedicate resources to planning and enacting change management

Create a plan to help your organization adapt to change.

Determine your compliance and regulations plan

Organizations in some industry verticals must follow strict compliance regulations for managing data. For these use cases, there may be security and safety standards to consider.

Plan how Industrial IoT will affect your organization’s compliance processes. Identify who you should contact regarding compliance and involve them in your project planning as soon as possible.

Document your change management plan

A change management plan specifies how an organization will transform from where it is today to where it aims to be in the future. A successful change management process should be continuous: start with defining a vision and continue to measure progress after the change takes place.

Your change management process should:

  • Define a compelling vision and clear objectives
  • Ensure strong leadership and effective sponsorship
  • Build and maintain ownership and accountability
  • Align processes, organization, and culture
  • Involve employees
  • Provide adequate enablement and support
  • Ensure stakeholder-specific communication
  • Measure and monitor benefits realization continuously

Document your change management plan and share it accordingly.

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