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Everything you need to implement Industrial IoT in your manufacturing plants

Determine How to Maintain and Scale your Applications

It’s important for your organization to plan how and where it will deploy and maintain future ThingWorx applications.

Document a rollout plan

Plan when and how the application(s) you’re building should be deployed to additional locations beyond your initial launch. For each additional site, include:

  • A high-level production schedule
  • The resources required
  • Any training activities needed

Determine how to manage your ThingWorx applications

PTC recommends that application configuration be consistent across sites. The configuration should be maintained through a dedicated, central application management team after deployment. This team is responsible for:

  • Assessing and prioritizing any changes requested to the existing application
  • Creating and maintaining the application roadmap
  • Determining the cadence in which new versions and iterations will be deployed
  • Scheduling new version implementations across each site, including training for end users and the application support team
  • Ensuring the application is meeting the needs of the organization

As your organization launches additional applications to support multiple use cases, PTC recommends staffing:

  • A subject matter expert for each use case
  • An architect to oversee the entire Industrial IoT initiative and ensure the applications are working together

Determine how to manage the system

Assign a team to be responsible for managing the health of the system that supports your IIoT application(s). This systems management team—typically comprised of IT professionals—is responsible for:

  • Ensuring the system is operating as it should
  • Responding to outages
  • Monitoring the existing system performance and quality
  • Implementing system upgrades

Plan handoff details

After your IIoT project is deployed, the project team will transfer ownership to the appropriate application and system management teams. The handoff may take place immediately after go-live deployment, or weeks afterward. Choose the milestone or date when the handoff will take place.

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