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Everything you need to implement Industrial IoT in your manufacturing plants

Determine Implementation and Testing Approach

Determine the process you will follow to build, test, and release your ThingWorx applications.

Manage source control and DevOps

The team developing your ThingWorx applications should begin planning their development processes (DevOps). A robust DevOps plan will improve communication, speed up your deployment, and reduce mistakes. ThingWorx development is best suited for an Agile process that allows you to create and iterate quickly. Consider how you will manage code and track work throughout the Industrial IoT project.


As you plan DevOps, also consider your source control practices: how will the various developers access and back up the code as they collaborate to build an application? Which development environments will they use? Your development team may already have a source control solution in place: if so, explore whether ThingWorx integrates with the system. If your organization does not have a source control system, PTC can recommend one.


PTC offers a DevOps workshop that covers source control, process, and coding/development best practices specific to ThingWorx. This workshop ensures your ThingWorx configurations are being managed properly to speed your development cycles.

Determine your testing approach

Decide how you’ll test your ThingWorx applications prior to launching. PTC recommends incorporating three levels of testing into your DevOps:

  • Unit testing: where you test each individual component independently to ensure they’re operating as expected
  • System testing: testing the features and functionality of a collection of components
  • User acceptance testing (UAT): bringing in select end users to ensure the application is meeting their needs

Testing should occur in a QA environment that is a close replica of your production environment. Testing plans should be unique to each application to ensure you’re testing the appropriate things. Always perform thorough testing before you push your application into live production.

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Establish DevOps Practices for ThingWorx
Ensure your ThingWorx Configurations are being managed properly to speed your development cycles


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