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  • Creo Simulation Live is a rapid prototyping simulation tool. It enables engineers and designers, who are not full-time analysts, to execute 3D simulations on models early in the design process. You can change materials, loads, constraints, or results in real-time and view nearly instantaneous simulation results. You can then visualize the results of the analysis without needing a detailed understanding of the design. As an analyst, you can reduce the number of high-fidelity simulations typically required later in the design process using the results from a concept design generated using real-time simulation.

There is no longer a need to toggle between simulation and modeling or long-solver computations for small iterations. For example, solver calculation can be shrunk by a factor of 5000, and the computation result obtained instantly.

Engineers can easily set up the static structural, modal, or steady thermal simulation at the start of the modeling process, and the results are instantly available on the same screen.

Features and Benefits

  • Instantaneous simulation results for parts and assemblies directly in the modeling environment.
  • Analysis dynamically updates as users edit or create features.
  • Powered by ANSYS technology.
  • Run your first simulation in minutes—no need for geometry preparation, meshing, or waiting for results.
  • Discover problems earlier in the design process when they are straightforward and less expensive to fix.
  • Produce products that more quickly meet functional requirements and explore more design alternatives faster.
  • Reduce the wait times associated with traditional simulation tools.
  • Save analyst time and cost for high-end analysis while eliminating bottlenecks.

Types of Analysis Available

Structural Analysis

  • Determine the structural integrity of components subject to real-world constraints and loads
  • Examine stress and deflection results

    Thermal Analysis

  • Analyze the effects of intense heat or cold by adding boundary conditions to your geometry

    Modal Analysis

  • Use the mass and rigidity of a structure to find at which points the component naturally resonates. With Creo Simulation Live, you can use instant modal analysis to provide design guidance within your design process.


      Fluid Flow Simulation** Available with CSL Plus

    • Complete real-time fluid dynamics tool
    • Designed for engineers
    • Flow volume geometry extraction, internal and external flow, interactive graphing, streamlines, particle flow
    • Learn the Basics

      Traditionally, design engineers and analysts worked in tandem to produce quality products. However, the traditional approach has also increased time to market and abandoned potential solutions that were never tested. As a result, you'll need to provide training to your design team to make sure they understand the changes to their workflow. Including an overview of the new design process and effectively using Creo Simulation Live will go a long way to ensure their success.

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