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Align on a Use Case

Work with your team to determine the value you will receive from Creo Simulation Live

Identify Business Drivers

Document the specific drivers (activities or capabilities) that will deliver the most impact and value to each of your business goals. There will usually be multiple drivers for each business goal. For example, drivers that could help reduce costs may include: 

  • Reduce the time to analyze
  • Improve the first-time design  
  • Decrease time to production
  • Reduce quantity of requests for full design analysis from Engineering

Identify Business Challenges

Talk to business leaders about which challenges are preventing your organization from achieving its high-level business drivers. Ask departments about their biggest obstacles. Additionally, start learning how these leaders calibrate their goals and measure success.

For example, if your organization's top business driver is increasing design engineering throughput, your business challenges may include first-time design rework or post-design analysis rework.

Do your best to avoid problem-solving and brainstorming at this point. For now, you should focus only on each challenge and not on the potential solutions.

Use Case Examples

Below are just a few examples of how CSL can improve your current design process and solve some of your intricate design and analysis challenges.


Industrial Equipment Industry

Unwanted vibration significantly affects the performance of a customer's products in operation, so the engineering team discovered the need for real-time simulation. Creo Simulation Live is demonstrated to the mechanical engineering department head, a CAD user familiar with simulation principles but not an analyst. The focus was on modal analysis for vibration studies.

The customer agreed that they would dedicate time and resources to an in-product trial to assess Creo Simulation Live. Once the customer understood the tradeoffs between speed and accuracy, they were impressed with their product geometry's rapid and accurate modal analysis. They agreed to invest in Creo Simulation Live.


Electronic Display Industry

The customer wanted to start evaluating their designs early in their development cycle. Which would allow them to rule out inefficient designs, reduce their prototype costs and time to market. They also wanted to put the design decisions in the designers' hands, allowing their structural engineers to focus on the high end, complex analyses.

The customer was able to complete multiple design iteration in seconds. Previously, iterations would take weeks at a time. They purchased Creo Simulation Live and, as a result, realized increased quality and performance in their products. They reduced the number of prototypes and decreased their time to market.


Automotive Industry

A company specializing in connector sales, design, development, and production reviewed their Creo Parametric licenses with PTC. The company has several automotive customers who require very high product reliability. Controlling costs and reducing the overall time-to-market for new product introduction while maintaining their products' high reliability is essential.

The ease of use of the Creo Simulation Live minimized adoption and training, reducing startup costs. The customer realized increased quality and performance in their products. They reduced product development costs and lowered the overall lifecycle costs.

Map Business Challenges to Finalize Use Cases

Estimate the effort, value, and applicability of solving the business challenges you've identified. Work with subject matter experts to make realistic projections. If possible, gather data about operations, quality, financials, and other factors that predict potential value.

Work with stakeholders to select the most valuable use cases. Attempt to tackle significant obstacles with significant returns. If your use case supports your organization's key drivers, you're more likely to get the leadership support for your project needs.

Document your chosen use case(s) and confirm it with project stakeholders.

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