Get Started with Creo Simulation Live

Bring better products to market faster with real-time design feedback.

You’re about to use the best simulation tool on the market, allowing you to iterate more quickly, generate more options and design with greater confidence. Let’s ensure you have the best experience with Creo Simulation Live by going over system and hardware requirements. 

  • Check Your Version of Creo Parametric

    Creo Simulation Live is available in the following versions of Creo Parametric. If you need to upgrade your version, use the corresponding installation guide 

  • Perform a Hardware Check

    Ensure your computer has the right graphics card to support Creo Simulation Live. You’ll need:

    • A dedicated NVIDIA GPU card based on the Kepler, Maxwell, or Pascal architecture OR
    • A later architecture and a minimum of 4GB of video RAM. 8GB of video RAM is recommended for better results. The latest NVIDIA drivers installed.

    Check Hardware Now

Working with Creo Simulation Live

Learn to use Creo Simulation Live by trying it out yourself. Download the corresponding part file to work with as you follow along with each Creo Simulation Live training video.

Getting Familiar with the Creo Simulation Live Interface

Download Part File

How to Use the Modal, Structural and Scope Features

Download Part File

Structural Analysis in Creo Simulation Live

Modal Analysis in Creo Simulation Live

Scope Feature Available for Assemblies

How to Conduct Thermal Analysis and View Results

Download Part File

Conducting Thermal Analysis

Viewing the Results

How to Analyze Fluids

Using Creo Simulation Live to analyze Internal Flow, External Volumes, Electronics Enclosures and Internal Volume Assemblies

Download Part File

External Flow Analysis

Internal Flow Analysis of Part Model

Electronics Enclosure Internal Flow Analysis

Internal Flow Analysis of Assembly