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Assess Changes to Design Processes

Review your existing design process and determine how CSL will drive improvements to that process.

Document Existing Design Processes

Gather your team, specifically the designers and analysts, and begin evaluating all aspects of the current design process.

Your team should start by looking at the four core steps of CAD design.

  1. Understanding Design Requirements: Identifying what exactly needs to be designed. This includes a list of requirements related to size, shape, weight, a factor of safety, durability, etc.
  2. Geometric Modeling: A mathematical technique that is completed by using simulation software. It shows the object from the math formula through computer graphics.
  3. Engineering Analysis: The process of checking the strength of moving objects to determine how they work in the real world.
  4. Design Review and Evaluation: Design is reviewed and evaluated with the help of CAD software. The feasibility of the design is also checked.

Go step by step to evaluate who interacts at each stage and how they complete their work. Complete this activity for the New Part design process and your Part revision process and rework processes. Tools such as Microsoft Visio can be used to map out these processes. You will want a digital copy primarily for your company’s records and training events and communications to end users as part of a full adoption program.

Document New Design Processes

Now that you have clearly defined/mapped your current design processes, modify them to include Creo Simulation Live. Using the current process mappings, highlight each mention of analysis. Next, insert in proactive analysis steps to be done by your Engineers through product design. After adding these steps, review the highlighted analysis steps to see which can be removed or modified now that your engineers analyze their design.

When defining your new process, it is essential to clearly articulate the timing of the analysis and the analysis to be run. Once you have completed this activity, you will want to create a new set of process documents. These “new process” documents will be leveraged when communicating the upcoming change to your end users and in the training of your end-users. When making significant process changes, it cannot be understated the value of a full adoption plan. This includes a Communication Plan, Adoption/Training Plan, and End User Support plan. These pieces make up your company's Adoption Plan for Creo Simulation Live.

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