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Go Live with CSL

Configure the licenses for your end-users and turn on CSL within your Creo Parametric. Execute the plans created previously in Plan and Go Live with CSL.

01. Troubleshoot the Enablement of CSL

Creo Simulation Live's license follows the rules of other extensions for Creo Parametric, which means it is obtained at startup and released upon exit. Creo Simulation Live installs automatically with specific versions of Creo Parametric, and there is no need to check an option to install it. Ensure the Creo Simulation Live license is moved to Selected from Available when installing Creo Parametric. It might be necessary to reconfigure the installation if the license was not moved to Selected and customize the Command Configuration. Here you can find details on how to reconfigure Creo Parametric.

If the CSL tab not visible in Creo, try the following:

Recommended Resources

02. Communicate to End Users

The person or group responsible for communicating with end-users should notify all users that the app is ready to use. Refer to your communication plan and follow up on any remaining communication and training items.

Make sure your end-users are ready to use the new functionality. They'll need to know:

  • How to log in
  • How to use the app
  • How to get support or training 
  • Where to find documentation
  • How to get support

03. Run Adoption Program

Ensure that everyone who will use CSL has the knowledge they need to get started. Follow the training plan you created earlier in the project. End-users include anyone at your organization who will use CSL to do their jobs. End users will need access to the Creo and a license.

Gather your trainers and process leads. Ensure your end-users know when training is available and how to access it. Also, ensure your trainers have the time and availability during this critical time. Prompt and adequate training will ensure your users will confidently use the tool.

It's important to note that adoption is the key to ensuring maximum value attainment from the software. Tracking your end-users' attendance at training sessions can be an effective way of ensuring adoption is met.

Make sure to consider offering training at a variety of times. The goal is to maximize the number of end-users that attend training. Providing options will improve attendance.

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