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Ensure Proper Infrastructure

Make sure your IT infrastructure is equipped to support Vuforia Expert Capture. You’ll need internet connectivity and a Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browser to capture, author, and execute procedures.

Verify internet connectivity

You’ll need internet connectivity to use some features of Vuforia Expert Capture.

Internet connectivity is required to:

  • View procedures on a desktop or laptop computer.
  • Edit and publish procedures.
  • Install the Capture, Vantage, and View apps on devices.
  • Update the Capture, Vantage, and View apps on devices.
  • Use spatial anchors. Available only for Microsoft HoloLens, spatial anchors allow you to attach procedure steps to real places in physical space.

Internet connectivity is not required to:

  • View downloaded procedures: Typically, viewing procedures using an eyewear or mobile device requires internet connectivity. However, you can download procedures to your device, then view these offline procedures without internet connectivity. Spatial anchors are not available in these offline procedures.
  • Capture procedures. However, spatial anchors will not be available.

Consider where and how employees will capture, author, and execute procedures. Then verify they can connect to the internet in those environments, if needed.

Download compatible web browser

Vuforia Editor—the application used to author procedures—requires a Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browser. Ensure everyone who will author Vuforia Expert Capture procedures has access to Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Since the software is SaaS and the user accesses it online, there’s no need to host the software on your organization’s servers.

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