Reduce Field Service Costs by Minimizing Truck Rolls, Warranty Claims, and Inventory

See how predictive service, remote monitoring, and service parts management help to control costs without compromising service excellence. Learn more about these benefits and how they relate to the human experience by exploring the report from IDC and our infographic on cutting costs below.

Service optimization solutions lower costs while improving customer outcomes

PTC's market-leading service solutions target top field service costs: truck rolls, warranty costs, and inventory management challenges. We help businesses improve their field service management effectiveness, dispatch efficiency, technician productivity, and remote machine data visibility to achieve:

Up to

Up to

Issues resolved remotely

Issues resolved remotely

Up to

Up to

Less time spent on-site

Less time spent on-site

Reduce field service costs by resolving problems more efficiently

Better field service management means empowering your service organization with the data visibility that enables you to resolve machine issues remotely and ensure your field service technicians have access to the right parts at the right time. PTC’s service solutions help you monitor and predict service needs before they occur; provide technicians with the tools to resolve issues faster; and offer customers self-service options—reducing truck rolls, minimizing costs, and improving overall service quality. See how you can:

Reduce Truck Rolls

Reduce truck rolls

Identify, diagnose, and repair problems remotely, enable customer self-service, and improve first time fix rates to eliminate subsequent calls. Reduce Truck Rolls
Lower Warranty Costs

Lower warranty costs

Identify if warranty conditions exist and minimize the cost of providing warranty service by using remote monitoring to understand, predict, and address incidents before they occur. Lower Warranty Costs
Inventory Management

Inventory management

Reduce inventory costs and improve response and resolution time to service issues by optimizing the quantity and availability of needed parts. Inventory Management

Increase first time fix rate (FTFR) by 9% - 83%

Smart connected products enable field service teams to provide efficient, cost-effective, and satisfactory solutions to customers' issues.

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Harness the Power of SCP

Minimizing field service costs with PTC

Discover how PTC customers use service optimization solutions to control costs and deliver leaner, best-in-class field service management.



FlowServe helped their customer avoid $16 million per hour in downtime cost by using PTC’s industrial IoT and remote monitoring solutions to meet customer demand for product data, performance, and service.

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Elekta resolved 20% of issues without dispatching technicians by using PTC’s industrial IoT technology to advance their connected service and product offerings.

Making Service Lean

Bell and Howell

Bell and Howell handled 60% of machine maintenance remotely and achieved a 92% first time fix rate by using PTC’s industrial IoT solutions to increase service quality while reducing costs.

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In our Speaking of Service podcast, you’ll hear from experts in the field on how to leverage predictive maintenance, remote machine diagnostics, and remote assistance to lower dispatch costs and increase field productivity.