Strategic Partnership: Rockwell Automation

Complete your digital transformation with a powerful technology offering available exclusively from PTC and Rockwell Automation.

PTC + Rockwell Automation

Proven Industrial Solutions & Expertise—Unmatched by Anyone

With the over a century of industrial expertise and market-leading technology, PTC and Rockwell Automation are bridging the worlds of IT and OT by connecting the complex world of data with the scale of industrial automation to drive compelling, combined solutions designed to rapidly deliver digital transformation. Rockwell Automation is PTC's preferred systems integration partner for Smart Connected Operations factory solutions.

PTC and Rockwell Automation have aligned our respective technologies to make it quicker and easier for you to empower workers with more insight and enable them to make better decisions, faster. The combination of PTC and Rockwell Automation's technologies enable you to quickly build, implement and maintain end-to-end industrial IoT and AR apps that deliver actionable intelligence to decision makers throughout your business.

Working together, PTC and Rockwell Automation are in the best position to help you achieve increased productivity, heightened plant efficiency, reduced operational risk and better system interoperability.

Together, PTC and Rockwell Automation can help you deliver on the true promise of the connected enterprise and rapidly deliver digital transformation in your business.

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Delivering unmatched solutions for Industry 4.0

PTC and Rockwell Automation have partnered to consolidate and connect information technology with operational technology. The seamless combination of solutions reduces unplanned downtime and drives operational excellence in factories. Learn more about how our joint solutions will transform manufacturing.

Rockwell Automation and PTC launch collaborative offering to drive digital transformation across industrial enterprises

Rockwell Automation and PTC announced that they have launched FactoryTalk InnovationSuite, powered by PTC, a software suite that enables companies to optimize their industrial operations and enhance productivity by providing decision makers with improved data and insights. The new suite delivers complete visibility of operations and systems status from one source of information inside the organization. The collaborative offering is the first to integrate technologies from both companies following the strategic partnership announcement in June.

FactoryTalk InnovationSuite, powered by PTC, improves connectivity to operational technology (OT) devices on the plant floor, natively supporting the rapid, scalable, and secure connection of the most commonly used industrial equipment. Combined with data from information technology (IT) applications and systems, decision makers can now gain a complete digital representation of their industrial equipment, lines, and facilities from anywhere in the enterprise.

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Introducing the FactoryTalk InnovationSuite powered by PTC

The new collaborative offering from PTC and Rockwell Automation includes intuitive, user-friendly interfaces, automated advanced analytics, and augmented reality technologies to optimize industrial operations and enhance productivity. Watch the demo.


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