Optimize Towards Peak Efficiency

100% lean efficiency may never be possible, but with Intelligent Asset Optimization solutions from PTC, you can get closer than ever before. Evolve a connected factory that boasts asset health visibility, predictive maintenance, digital guidance for your front-line workers.

Drive Measurable Value

See how Intelligent Asset Optimization addresses high-profile manufacturing challenges.

Asset Health Monitoring

Increase asset utilization - Monitor asset health in real time to identify abnormal conditions and identify what caused them.

Predictive Maintenance

Transform maintenance by identifying potential issues before they happen. Reduce unplanned downtime, increase asset lifespans, and optimize costs.

Digital Maintenance Work Instructions

Quickly fix any asset or system by delivering the right information to the right worker at the right time.

Remote Expert Support

Improve workforce efficiency by connecting technicians with remote experts for over-the-shoulder AR guidance. Accelerate troubleshooting and maximize uptime.

eBook: Real-Time Data for Real-World Decisions


Why rely on static reports when you can have real-time visibility into how your processes, systems, and people are performing? See how you can deliver the right data to the right worker at the right time to improve efficiency and productivity.

FactoryTalk Innovation Suite, powered by PTC

Transform your operations with the power of edge-to-enterprise analytics, machine learning, industrial IoT, and augmented reality. PTC and Rockwell Automation are driving asset intelligence.