Scalable Production Management Solutions

Master complex manufacturing processes with technology—and create opportunities to achieve unmatched throughput and quality.

Ensure Control and Cost-effective Productivity

As products become more complex, it takes increasing agility to reduce downtime and ensure quality. But outdated processes can’t keep pace. As competition becomes fiercer, finding the right digital solutions can mean the difference between success and failure.

Scalable production management solutions from PTC equip manufacturers with the right mix of industrial IoT, augmented reality, and analytics technology to meet challenges—and turn them into competitive advantage.

Driving Complementary Business Goals

Efficiency is improved through addressing multiple problems, using a phased approach that ensures both an ROI and scalability. Discover how scalable production management solutions can deliver key business goals.

Reducing Manufacturing Costs
Reduce Manufacturing Costs
Focus on lowering labor and material costs and cutting the cost of quality. Reduce overhead and supply chain. Mitigate safety and compliance risks.
Maximizing Revenue Growth
Maximize Revenue Growth
Drive speed and agility on the factory floor. Unleash a more flexible workforce. Shorten your SLAs and fulfill more orders.
Increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness
Increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness
Maximize your asset utilization. Reduce inventory levels and capital expenditures. Shorten changeover times.


Digital Shift Handover

Facilitate a smooth transition between shifts to improve worker safety and increase productivity. Empower workers with the applications, tools, and guidance to unlock breakthrough levels of productivity.


FactoryTalk Innovation Suite, powered by PTC

Transform your operations with the power of edge-to-enterprise analytics, machine learning, and industrial IoT. PTC and Rockwell Automation are driving production management.