How Raytheon Went from Drawings to a Part-Centric BOM

Written By: Julie Pike
  • 11/29/2017

Small steps can have a large impact on your business. That was definitely the case with Raytheon who moved from using CAD drawings to a part-centric Bill of Materials (BOM) and found that their engineers were able to be more productive and they were able to save millions of dollars. 

Raytheon’s “paper paradigm” -- as Enterprise PDM Director, David Slader, called it – was compounded by mergers and acquisitions. In order to remain successful, Raytheon had gone through a number of acquisitions in adjacent markets to bring technology together. However, these often led to infrastructure disparity between Raytheon and the acquired organization. 

Watch the video to hear how Raytheon transformed its product development process.

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How Raytheon Went From Drawings to a Part-Centric BOM

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