The Benefits of IoT in Manufacturing

Written by: Leah Gourley

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The benefits of the industrial internet of things (IIoT) in manufacturing are myriad. By connecting every part of the organization, manufacturers get incredible visibility and control over their costs and processes. They can make constant improvements quickly, and without the huge expense or hurdles of the past. What would it take to boost efficiency and productivity at your plant, and improve the uptime and quality of your assets all while saving money and time? An investment in manufacturing IIoT is an opportunity to revolutionize your business.

Today’s forward-thinking manufacturers are aware of the business benefits and opportunities that come with investing in these products and platforms. It’s no wonder that IoT spend in the manufacturing sector is set to hit $200 billion this year. As a result of investing in use cases surrounding operational intelligence, asset optimization and workforce productivity, we’ve seen our own customers cut operational costs by 12%, while boosting operator productivity by up to 60%.

In this blog, we're rounding up some of the top benefits to IIoT investment for manufacturers: 

Optimize Plant Efficiency

Leverage the IIoT in manufacturing and access real-time visibility into your assets. Gain a better understanding of how your assets are performing, so you can maximize throughput and increase asset utilization. The IIoT offers actionable insights such as abnormal conditions on your plant floor, so you can schedule maintenance and avoid an unexpected breakdown. The information provided helps technicians to remediate issues quickly and reduce machine downtime.

You can also increase plant efficiency and workforce productivity using digital work instructions. As processes and procedures are updated, IIoT-connected machinery gives workers access to on-the-floor digital work instructions allowing them to spot and fix problems more effectively.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customers want to be heard. Fortunately, another benefit of the IIoT in manufacturing is that you can incorporate insights derived from customer feedback and product monitoring back into the design process and the enterprise as a whole. This means better products, more efficient field service, reduced product downtime, and vastly improved customer satisfaction overall.

Stay Ahead of Your Competition with the IoT in Manufacturing

It’s crucial to appreciate the opportunity the IIoT in manufacturing presents to your organization. Gain a competitive edge as you will be able to get better products to market faster and to swiftly fix issues, building loyalty with your current customer base. What’s more, is you can offer these benefits to your potential customers as well.

An investment in the IIoT for manufacturing will give your business the competitive edge it needs to keep up with an increasing rate of innovation, growth, and efficient service.


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