Service Information Management

Product information structured for service.

From Engineering. For Service.

Inaccurate, outdated, service information causes product misuse, field service mistakes, and parts planning blunders, thus harming your aftermarket performance.

Service information management software automatically transforms engineering product data into reusable content for technical publications. Whenever product engineers, designers, or developers make changes to a part, those modifications are instantly reflected in the documentation.

sBOMs Serve 7 Critical Functions

  • Organizes spare parts information based on in-field configurations, operating conditions, and other service-specific data.

  • Automatically updates parts information whenever engineering teams apply changes.

  • Centralizes and organizes product information according to serviceable components, sub-components and parts.

  • Includes and excludes specific service information depending on its applicability in certain situations.

  • Recognizes dependencies among components and associated parts.

  • Enables technical publications managers to reuse service content and maintain publication composition.

  • Collectively, these functions have increased technical writer efficiency between 20% and 90%.

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