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Realize actionable insights from IoT data with IoT analytics

What is IoT analytics?

IoT analytics is the analysis of data generated from connected devices. The true value of IoT solutions lies in the data. Every connected device can generate thousands—or even millions—of data points every day. Contained in that IoT data are the answers to business problems, diagnoses for machine failures, and even predictions for the future. The analytics process can be simplified into three steps: first, capture and process data; next, apply logic to the data to unlock value; and finally, produce insights to enhance decision-making and operations across the enterprise.

How does IoT analytics work? Make your IoT data work for you

IoT analytics is central to digital transformation. High-speed IoT data acquisition is combined with simplified access to required contextual information along with artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. The insights derived from this powerful combination provide unprecedented opportunities to improve decision-making, processes, and operational outcomes both across the enterprise and for customers.

Consider these four categories of IoT analytics:

  • Descriptive analytics to understand the current situation
  • Diagnostic analytics to understand why the current situation is happening
  • Predictive analytics to understand when a negative event may occur before it does
  • Prescriptive analytics to suggest the next best action based on a given event or condition

Benefits of IoT analytics

Unlocking value from data that is captured from connected products, processes, and people to improve and optimize business outcomes is the ultimate goal of every IoT project.



Increase Revenue

Scale to new markets, improve throughput, and unlock new business models such as products as a service.


Reduce Time

Get to market faster using a rich set of industrial IoT capabilities. Wrap and extend existing assets within your connected solution


Reduce Costs

Leverage data from connected products and systems to increase productivity, lower cost, and increase efficiency.


Improve Quality

Make product, service, and factory operations more secure and scalable. Improve service quality, reliability, and satisfaction.


Improve Flexibility

Take control of your deployment options with on-premise, cloud, or a hybrid approach. Support any industrial use case with flexibility.

Unlocking IoT value through analytics

A sound IoT innovation strategy must begin with an understanding of the role analytics will play. Learn how analytics can unlock the value of your IoT investment and provide you with insights that are key to gaining a powerful competitive advantage.

IoT analytics use cases and applications

Smart Factories

Manufacturers equip their assets and production lines with sensors to monitor performance. This allows them to monitor the quantity and quality of the assets they are producing. Better quality products lead to reduced costs and scrap along with better customer experiences—all of which contribute to revenue gains.

Connected Products

In addition to being able to leverage IoT data to improve factory processes, manufacturers can use IoT analytics to understand how the things they have built are performing in the real world.

New Business Models

Vendors that used to simply sell products are now able to sell those products as a service, where customers pay based on monthly usage. Manufacturers are also able to offer other value-added services such as over-the-air updates to software.

IoT data case studies

Carlisle Construction Materials Improved Quality Control

IoT data analysis capabilities help Carlisle live up to its reputation as a customer service leader while improving processes for frontline workers

Carlisle Case Study

ZEISS Microscopy improved customer satisfaction

By moving from reactive to predictive maintenance, Zeiss significantly improved mean time to repair

Zeiss Case Study

SIG Helps Customers Stand Out

SIG improved the speed KPIs of their production lines by deploying PTC's IoT solution to consolidate disparate sources of data and create actionable insights to streamline processes.

SIG Case Study

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