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Everything you need to implement IoT for remote monitoring

Prepare Development Tools

Based on your infrastructure and testing plan, build a DevOps pipeline to automate delivery. Then create an asset simulator to prepare for testing. 

Build DevOps pipeline

Based on your infrastructure and testing plan, build a DevOps pipeline for continuous integration. A pipeline will minimize possibilities for human errors by automating how you compile, test, and deploy code through your development environments. It will also help you identify errors and monitor the solution once it’s live in production. 

There are different tools you can use to build a DevOps pipeline. Some examples include Jenkins, Git, or Tortoise. Since there is no single way to build a pipeline, just make sure it aligns with your DevOps, testing plan, and infrastructure. It should show where the data comes from and where it flows. 

Depending on your organization, someone from IT, quality assurance, the development team, or a security expert may build your pipeline. 

Create asset simulator

Before you begin testing your solution, create an asset simulator. It will enable you to test the solution under conditions that closely resemble the real world. An asset simulator is supposed to behave like products in the field. The more realistic your asset simulator and testing scenarios are, the more accurate your testing results will be. 

We recommend that a developer builds an asset simulator with someone else in your organization who is familiar with how your products behave in the field. That way the developer will understand what best represents an effective simulation. 

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