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Everything you need to implement IoT for remote monitoring

Implement Edge Connectivity Strategy

Establish connections to edge devices that enable ThingWorx to communicate with your products and systems.

Build and connect edge agents

Guided by the plan you created for edge connectivity earlier in the project, build your edge agents. Develop the executables that will get data from your products to the ThingWorx platform.

Make sure your edge is secure by referring to your security requirements created earlier in the project. Consult the “ThingWorx Secure Deployment Guide.” 

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Validate edge data connection

Once your edge solution is built, verify that the data is flowing from your product to the ThingWorx platform through the agent as expected.

Make sure:

  • The data appears in the correct format/structure
  • The right amount of data flows through
  • The speed and performance are acceptable

If your testing plan included testing edge components, follow that plan. Troubleshoot any issues before you continue with deployment.

Implement ThingWorx data model

Use ThingWorx to model the data from your products and systems. The data model specifies relationships among data points and provides the framework for your IoT application. Follow the data model design you created earlier in the project.

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Map data properties

Data tag mapping involves labeling data from a product, machine, or system and linking it to your data model in ThingWorx. Tag data specifically so ThingWorx can find and use it.

Data tag mapping can be complicated and time consuming. A programmer within your organization, a third-party vendor, or the R&D team developing the product may be able to help.

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