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Configure ThingWorx Users

Provide ThingWorx access to the team building your ThingWorx applications. Then create user groups for the rest of the users in your organization. 

Before you begin, complete this step:

This step has 2 tasks:

Create user groups

Create the structure for grouping users. ThingWorx will assign user permissions (what the user is allowed to see and do) according to the groupings you set up. You can also set permissions at an individual user level. Create groupings following the structure you designed earlier in the project.

Establish the user group framework so that you will be able to test the application properly. If needed, provide ThingWorx credentials to stakeholders or other users who will help you test the application. Make sure they have access to what they need. Later, you’ll provide accounts to everyone at your organization who’ll use ThingWorx. 

Add initial users

Provide ThingWorx accounts for the team members developing your ThingWorx applications. Add initial users in ThingWorx Composer. ThingWorx includes a default “Administrators” group. Users in this group have access to everything. We recommend you assign developers to the “administrator” group, which will provide the permissions they need to develop and validate the application.

Focus on creating user accounts for developers and other team members building the application. You’ll create user accounts for end users of the application later. 

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