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Everything you need to implement IoT for remote monitoring

Build Integrations

Connect to the systems that will supply the data you need for your applications. ThingWorx offers a variety of pre-built connectors, but some third-party systems require custom integration connectors.  

Implement integration connectors

Connect to third-party systems, assets, and/or tools your use case requires. Follow the integrations plan you created earlier in the project. A solution architect can help determine which connectors you need to extract data. If possible, work with an expert who understands the system you’re connecting to. Also, consider how network configuration will affect your connections: some ports may be blocked or have stricter security in a production environment compared to a test/QA environment. 

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Create custom integration connectors

If needed, build custom integrations to the systems, assets, and/or tools your use case requires. In most cases, you’ll use REST APIs to create integrations. The configuration will be necessary within the system you’re connecting to. A solutions architect can help determine how to build these connectors. If possible, work with an expert who understands the system you’re connecting to. 

Work on a standalone server as you implement connectors. You will need to restart the server several times for ThingWorx to recognize new connectors. Restarts will interrupt others who may be working on the servers or anything connecting to it.  

Validate connectors

After you put connectors in place, verify the data flows from the source to ThingWorx. Make sure: 

  • The data appears in the correct format/structure 
  • The correct amount of data flows through 
  • Data from ThingWorx flows back into the connected system (if your connection is bidirectional) 
  • The speed is acceptable (the system does not time out before completion of data transfer) 

If needed, troubleshoot any issues before you continue with deployment.  

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