Success Path
Everything you need to implement Industrial IoT in your manufacturing plants

Plan Stakeholder Involvement

Determine who should be involved in your Industrial IoT initiative. Then specify how you will communicate with stakeholders to ensure they remain engaged.

Identify stakeholders

Stakeholder support will be a key asset throughout your Industrial IoT project. Cultivate buy-in at various levels of your organization, from high-level business leaders to frontline workers. Your most important stakeholder will be at the executive level: identify a well-respected, well-connected executive champion who will advocate for your initiative on an ongoing basis.


In addition to the people who champion Industrial IoT solutions, you’ll also need end users to test them in the real world. Identify a manageable group of workers who will test and provide feedback on early-stage applications. These workers should represent your ideal end users. They will help you identify urgent fixes and opportunities for improvement before you implement ThingWorx on a larger scale.


Possible stakeholders may include:

  • Corporate executives
  • IT leaders
  • Plant managers
  • Machine operators
  • End users

Create a communication plan

Determine how, when, and to whom you will communicate throughout your Industrial IoT project. Your stakeholders will have different needs, depending on their role.

As you plan how to communicate with your stakeholders, answer these questions:

  • How frequently will you share information? Some stakeholders will provide daily feedback and direction on the project, while others may get involved on a passive, less-frequent basis.
  • What’s the best channel for that information? Emails, calls, or meetings may work for some stakeholders and not others.
  • What information is most important to which stakeholders? Be careful to avoid communication overload.
  • What do you need from your stakeholders at various points along the timeline? Establishing key milestones or successes in these communications will help to maintain momentum and excitement.

Keep in mind that your stakeholders’ involvement and communication needs may change over the course of the project. Modify your approach as you go, if needed.

Plan feedback mechanism

While it’s important to communicate, it’s also imperative to listen. If stakeholder communication is only coming from one direction, you risk overlooking valuable feedback or missing opportunities to address concerns. Establish channels for soliciting and responding to feedback across your organization—and ensure stakeholders know how to get answers.

Kick off your IIoT initiative

Hold a meeting with all of your stakeholders to kick off the project and establish a shared understanding of your goals. If appropriate, review the use case, measurement strategy, roles and responsibilities, and other aspects of the project plan. Provide plenty of time to answer stakeholders’ questions. If you plan to have ongoing meetings, agree on the cadence and specify future meeting dates.

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