Success Path
Everything you need to implement Industrial IoT in your manufacturing plants

Assess Existing Infrastructure and Processes

Identify areas that must change to accommodate Industrial IoT. By documenting your current infrastructure and processes, you can plan where you’re headed.

Document existing infrastructure

Document the architecture that supports your organization’s manufacturing operations, including hardware, software, and network materials. While you’re documenting what exists, start inquiring about what’s not working today and what you’d like to change in the future to support your use case.

Document existing processes

Make sure you have a high-level understanding of any processes that relate to your selected use case. Take note of the people who are involved, as well as the tasks. While you will be most focused on processes that revolve around manufacturing, keep in mind that these changes may have implications beyond the factory floor. If your IIoT implementation will impact other departments—such as human resources, engineering, or finance—document that too.

Document existing connectivity

It's also helpful to document any existing systems or data connections you have in place today that relate to your chosen IIoT use case. Include how you currently connect to those systems and any improvements you’d like to make in the future.

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