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Everything you need to implement Industrial IoT in your manufacturing plants

Finalize Technical Design

Decide the details of your Industrial IoT application design. As you create a technical design, get input from the developers and architects who will build it.

Create technical design

Earlier in the IIoT project, you created wireframes outlining your application design. Now you will create a complete design that provides more detailed information on how it looks and functions. Keep in mind that the styling and customization options are limited within ThingWorx.

A technical design typically includes:

  • User interaction details: What happens when a user hovers over/taps a button, for example?
  • Near-final copy: What words will you use for buttons, labels, and navigation elements?
  • Visual design: What color palette, fonts, and other styles will the design employ? If your organization has brand/design standards, ensure the design is consistent with those requirements. The application should look similar to other applications your organization uses.
  • Data needs: What data will flow into your design? Note where specific datasets are needed.

As you design, consult the developers and/or architects on your team to ensure the various components of your design will work together. Later in the project, they will use these designs/technical specifications to build the IIoT application.

Review technical design

Review your technical design with project team members and stakeholders. Communicate how the design satisfies your application and user requirements. Ask for feedback about whether the design fulfills the use case and appears usable. If stakeholders have concerns or questions about the design, address them before you begin development.

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