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Drive Personalized Experiences Through Mass Customization

There is no more “one-size-fits-all.” You need to make smart decisions about how to deliver the product that absolutely meets an individual customer’s needs. Tailoring a product to deliver those specific requirments—customer by customer—puts tremendous pressure on your product portfolio.

PTC empowers customers to break down IT-OT data silos and ensure data visibility across the entire enterprise—a critical capability in both optimizing designs for manufacturability and enabling mass customization at scale. 

Through real-time data monitoring and usage pattern analysis, you can now know exactly how your customers are using your products in the field. This real-time data visibility ensures you are providing the features, support, and scalability they need, removing barriers to sales for new offerings, cross-sells, and upsells.

When you’re ready to showcase these personalized offerings to your customers, PTC’s sales and marketing solutions allow you to leverage augmented reality experiences to help customers visualize available product options in their own environments – saving you time and money and ultimately shortening your sales cycle.   

Supporting Personalization Through Mass Customization

Customization ensures that customers get what they want, but can create complex product portfolios. Enable your value chain to cost-effectively manage that complexity with tools to support the diverse product offering that hits the mark for your customers—from product design process optimization, to sales and marketing experiences that shorten sales cycles.

Design Optimization
Digital Work Instructions
Real-Time Data Visibility
Cross-Sell and Upsell

Design Optimization

Ensure designs meet market demand and offer competitive features—while requiring less maintenance and fewer repairs.

Digital Work Instructions

Provide frontline workers with digital and augmented work instructions that enable them to be agile, safe, and efficient while assembling and inspecting custom and personalized assemblies. 

Real-Time Data Visibility

Leverage real-time customer data to determine how products are performing in the field and uncover new sales opportunities.

Cross-Sell and Upsell

Use customer data to determine current usage requirements and offer the right combination of products and services  that can boost your revenue and drive added value for customers.

Enabling Mass Customization With PTC

Groupe Beneteau

Groupe Beneteau enabled their customers to configure and see the boat of their dreams by using PTC technology to establish a digital thread that seamlessly connects internal teams, design partners, and suppliers.

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Lykan transformed their customer experience by using PTC augmented reality technology to allow buyers to fully visualize their custom-configured vehicle, improve customer satisfaction and streamline sales.

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Cannondale transformed their customers’ buying and service experiences, leveraging PTC’s augmented reality technology to deliver AR-enabled product demos, service instructions, parts identification, and more.

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Fujitsu increased their sales efficiency with PTC’s augmented reality technology, helping their customers configure and visualize how products will fit in their physical space.

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