Realizing a Digital Product Definition for the Enterprise

10 Ways to Transform Your BOM Management

In today’s IoT world, innovation is accelerating and product complexity is surging. As a result, product development is becoming increasingly more complicated. A once simple Bill of Materials (BOM) based on CAD models and drawings now includes layers of data from every discipline in the product lifecycle.

To scale with the pace of the market and remain competitive, you need to evolve the way you create, manage, and share product information.  

The BOM is the heart of the product. The critical data all teams need, including manufacturing, procurement and quality. Not only does it need to be shared across all disciplines, it needs to become the complete digital product definition. This is easier than you think.  It won’t require an overwhelming and drawn-out overhaul of your PLM practices. Instead, you can achieve this transformation at your own pace, by implementing digital product definition capabilities based on your business priorities and needs.

This white paper covers 10 ways you can start transforming your BOM so you can begin realizing immediate benefits.

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