Digital Performance Management: The Key Driver to Uncovering Lost Production Time

PTC Talk guest speaker, Craig Melrose, Senior Vice President, MFG Industry Executive Advisor, PTC, presents " Digital Performance Management: The Key Driver to Uncovering Lost Production Time".
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How is Your Organization’s Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing?

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Enabling the Agile Factory: A New Continuous Improvement Paradigm

From Insights to Action: Discover how to drive Manufacturing Efficiency with ThingWorx Digital Performance Management

Meet Roberta. She’s modeled after a real VP of Global Continuous Improvement at a discrete manufacturing company. Thanks to Digital Performance Management, Roberta can discern actual bottleneck OEE, better understand the company’s operations, determine specific corrective actions for identified top priorities, and eliminate an entire overtime shift—delighting employees in the process, who can now spend more time with their families. Read White Paper
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