From Insights to Action: Driving Manufacturing Efficiency with Digital Performance Management

Meet Roberta, the VP of Global Continuous Improvement at NewCo, in this fictional representation of ThingWorx Digital Performance Management (DPM) at a discrete manufacturing company.

Working Smarter with ThingWorx Digital Performance Management (DPM)

Over half of manufacturing executives run their continuous improvement programs reactively, meaning they may not even be aware an underlying problem exists until issues take place. And worse yet, the timeline of these constraints can distort their urgency, making it difficult to discern whether they are focusing on the most critical issues.

Performance management is a direct response to this limitation—helping organizations not only identify, but also prioritize improvements based on their true impact.

To demonstrate this and give you an in-depth look, we’ve created a representation of Digital Performance Management at a fictional company called NewCo, a discrete manufacturing company looking to streamline its operations.

You’ll meet Roberta, the VP of Global Continuous Improvement at NewCo, our fictional company, and see how Roberta and her team use ThingWorx Digital Performance Management to not only recover valuable lost production hours—but ultimately achieve double-digit impact at speed and at scale!

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