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Solve the skills gap with a new take on reality

Improve workforce productivity in the manufacturing industry and empower frontline workers with mixed reality training protocols using Vuforia Expert Capture and Vuforia Studio on Microsoft HoloLens 2.



What challenges are manufacturers facing today?

The worker shortage gap in manufacturing

According to a recent Deloitte study,1 the US manufacturing skills gap could leave as many as 2.1 million jobs unfilled by 2030.

US manufacturers surveyed believe that finding the right talent is now 36% harder than it was in 2018, even as the unemployment rate has nearly doubled the number of available workers.

The struggle to fill jobs is real

77% of surveyed manufacturers say they will have ongoing difficulties in attracting and retaining workers in 2021 and beyond.


82% of manufacturers report they are now unable to increase revenue growth from not filling jobs.

81% say they can no longer maintain production levels to satisfy demand.

Addressing the skills gap in today’s challenging work economy has never been more important