Vuforia Work Instructions

Vuforia Work Instructions make it easier to document and optimize critical workflows.
See how you can advance workforce training, scale expert knowledge,
and increase efficiency across your operations.

Transform how you deliver critical information to employees

Create augmented work instructions that empower frontline workers, reduce operational costs, improve quality, and provide competitive differentiation.


Transform existing assets and institutional knowledge

Document detailed step-by-step instructions

Capture best practices from experts or leverage 3D CAD data to build immersive, step-by-step work instructions in augmented reality.

Streamline knowledge transfer, training, and on-the-job instruction

Move beyond the limitations of traditional classroom training by empowering employees with in-context, precise instructions for complex tasks.

Boost knowledge retention

Boost knowledge retention

Reduce cognitive load and improve knowledge retention by presenting information when and where employees need it most.

Enable continuous improvement

Drive better traceability, compliance, and continuous improvement

Ensure employees always have access to the most up-to-date process instructions and leverage organizational insights to confirm they’re following them correctly.

Build critical skills

Close the skills gap

Drive workforce efficiency by streamlining onboarding, upskilling, and cross-training programs that address critical skills gaps.

Differentiate your employee experience

Enhance the employee experience

Leverage AR and emerging technology to create a compelling employee value proposition (EVP) and drive a differentiated employee experience.

Creating high-value AR content has never been faster or easier

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Author, edit, publish, and scale intuitive step-by-step instructions for your organization’s most critical workflows. Vuforia Work Instructions helps you get started quickly with augmented reality. Our work instruction solutions enable:

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-  Content creation and maintenance

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-  Editing and enhancement

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-  Publishing across all device formats

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-  Time to value

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-  Security, control & scalability

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Explore industrial AR opportunities

Discover how an AR strategy can help you deliver critical information to your frontline workers, where and when they need it.

Reduce WIP Manufacturing Inventory

Get practical guidance from industry experts

Explore real-world insights from AR experts who are leveraging the technology to drive workforce agility and resiliency.


Quantify the potential ROI

Learn how early AR adopters are saving millions in operational costs by improving frontline worker productivity and reducing scrap, rework, and waste. Download The Total Economic Impact™ Of PTC Vuforia, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of PTC, to see the immediate and long-term value that your organization can get from AR.


Dive into real-world examples

The experts at IDC explore the established and growing use cases for modernizing inspection processes with augmented reality technology. Read the report to see how companies are accelerating the creation of augmented reality work instructions and easily transferring knowledge to frontline employees as they carry out high-value inspections.

Improve your inspection procedures with AR

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