Understand and Leverage Enterprise Product Data

Windchill on Microsoft Azure

Looking to jumpstart product development and beat the competition to market? With Windchill on Microsoft Azure, you can deploy quickly and establish a strong product lifecycle management foundation. The out-of-the-box, cloud-based PLM solution is easier than ever to configure and scales to fit your needs. Plus, with PTC’s SaaS offering, your team never needs to worry about managing upgrades – they happen automatically.

With Microsoft’s industry-leading cloud infrastructure and PTC’s expertise in engineering applications, you can rest assured that your product data is in a scalable and secure infrastructure.

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Engineering Explore the Benefits

Get back to design and innovation. The time is now to get active in our solution with new, expanded, and rapidly deployed capabilities

Accelerate product development and innovation with our out-of-the-box PLM functionality on Microsoft Azure. Help your engineers design more efficiently and accurately, with fewer roadblocks and administrative demands.

With our PLM Cloud solution your Engineering teams can:

  • Increase collaboration across disparate teams.
  • Seamlessly and securely manage high volumes and varieties of product data.
  • Get active in PLM with new, expanded and rapidly deployed capabilities.

It’s the smarter, easier, safer PLM solution.

Make the Right Choice

Get PLM That’s Simple, Secure, and Reliable

Engineering IT Explore the Benefits

Get back to your IT business initiatives. Our PLM Cloud solution is pre-configured, optimized and managed remotely by PTC experts.

Are you ready to grow your business with PLM, but your IT resources are already limited or overworked? Have you taken a look at our PLM Cloud solution? It removes the IT resource burden and cuts back infrastructure spending. In addition, you get:

  • World class IP protection
  • Faster time to value with new solutions
  • Reliable application uptime and performance
  • Reduced implementation and management risk
  • Predictable, affordable operational expenses
  • Reduced in-house IT burden

It’s the safer, easier, and smarter PLM solution.

PTC Cloud Security

Windchill SaaS on Microsoft Azure

Faster time to value. Decrease total cost of ownership. Higher collaboration & innovation.


Easier to Deploy & Upgrade

Easy Deploy

Best Practices-led Implementation

Easier to Configure OOTB Standard Software

Easy Configuration

Change Enablement

Easier to add IoT, AR, Analytics, AI

Easy add-on

Scalable & Secure Infrastructure

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The Time Is Now to Move to PLM Cloud

PLM Cloud adoption is accelerating. According to a recent CIMdata survey, 95% of manufacturers plan to purchase and deploy a PLM Cloud solution within the next 24 months. These are some of the superior capabilities PTC customers are already experiencing:

  • Rapid time to value with proven, closed loop, enterprise-class, IoT-ready PLM capabilities
  • World-class performance, reliability and security
  • Increased enterprise collaboration with self-service, purpose-built, role-based applications
  • Greater scalability with active user pricing and seamless systems integration
  • Hassle-free PTC-owned upgrades and updates

The time has never been better to move to PLM Cloud solution. 

Our PLM Cloud solution is a flexible, SaaS solution for companies looking to increase collaboration, manage product data and improve workflows without heavy IT overhead or hardware commitments.


How Do You Choose the Right PLM Cloud Solution to Meet Your Needs? Get expert advice in this Buyer’s guide from Tech-Clarity


Windchill on Microsoft Azure enables customers to gain value from a world-class PLM solution, together with the world’s highest performing cloud infrastructure.

- Jeffrey Hojlo, IDC, Program Director, Product Innovation Strategies

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Unmatched PTC and Microsoft Software Expertise

  • One team/one number to call
  • Strong joint development to bring advanced cloud capabilities and accelerate roadmaps
  • Managed by experts with 15 years of experience in PTC software

Optimized Performance

Proactive maintenance and software upgrades

  • 99.5% Service Level Agreement (SLA) includes application and cloud infrastructure
  • Resolve issues quickly with minimal impact

Industry-Standard Security

  • Safety assurance of customer data
  • World class IP protection

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