Creo’s Unite Technology

Realize the potential of multi-CAD collaboration

Multi-CAD collaboration need not be a productivity-killerjust the opposite. Creo’s Unite technology makes it easy to work with CAD models created in other applications and saves you considerable time.

That non-native CAD file could come to you from within or outside the company. It doesn’t matter. With a few clicks, you can open those CAD files directly into the Creo software suite and start working. Meeting your targets for product quality, appeal, and on-time delivery will be easier than ever now that you don’t have to recreate the model or do other redundant work.

There’s no catch. Creo’s Unite technology makes the process seamless. Moreover, you can incorporate CATIA, Siemens NX, and SolidWorks data directly into your designs without creating additional business objects and without the presence of licenses from these software systems.

The Creo Collaboration Extensions further enhance Unite technology’s capabilities. These extensions allow designers to quickly and easily integrate updates to non-Creo data directly within Creo.

Features and benefits

Thanks to Creo's Unite technology, you can: 

  • Reduce the number of CAD platforms and the associated costs
  • Increase engineering productivity and IT efficiency
  • Enable higher levels of concurrent engineering through effective multi-CAD collaboration
  • Reduce the need to create and manage neutral file formats
  • Support on-time product delivery by ensuring data integrity throughout the design process


Anyone running a CAD consolidation effort has an intimidating to-do list: user adoption, training, and the many costs of data migration. Unite technology makes the job easier. You’ll spend less time, effort, and budget on data migration because you convert only the parts and parent assemblies you neednot the entire assembly.

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