Product Data Management (PDM)

Optimize Product Data Management and Control with Our PDM Solutions

Product data management (PDM) is the business function, often within product lifecycle management (PLM), that is responsible for the management and publication of product data.

Windchill offers organizations comprehensive change management that builds upon the CAD management capabilities that everyone is already using. It is ideally suited for today’s complex manufacturing environment — one in which stakeholders tasked with approval responsibilities are often scattered around the globe. Our PDM tools make sure that every required approval has happened and then prescribes an appropriate course of action (e.g., if the change is approved, automatically generate a change notice).

Benefits of PTC's Product Data Management Solutions

  • Track and manage all product changes/revisions/approvals
  • Efficiencies in organizing/tracking design data
  • Improve productivity by re-using product design information
  • Enhance collaboration globally

Best-in-Class Solution for Product Data Management (PDM)

Our Product Data Management system provides a rich systematic approach for creating, managing and reusing product structures that contain detailed product content, such as CAD files, documentation, requirements, manufacturing information, part/supplier data, calculations and illustrations, providing accurate and reliable data to improve productivity and product innovation.


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