Strategic Partnership: Microsoft Complete your digital transformation with a powerful technology offering available exclusively from PTC and Microsoft.

PTC + Microsoft

PTC and Microsoft: Partners in Your Digital Transformation

You are the industrial innovators. You are driven to constantly improve operations and exceed growth goals. You seek out efficiencies and cost reductions, while delivering new offerings and customer experiences. And in a smart, connected marketplace, you must do all this while mastering your own operational data—data that grows at an exponential rate.

To meet these challenges, PTC and Microsoft have forged a groundbreaking new partnership. PTC is at the forefront of industrial IoT-enabled operations and AR-enhanced service. Microsoft delivers global industrial connectivity with an intelligent cloud platform, purpose-built for the IoT. PTC and Microsoft will help you scale and securely connect millions of devices across your global operations, and to integrate your industrial applications and enterprise processes.

You are the industrial innovators, and together we will redefine the standard for digital transformation.

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ThingWorx with Azure: Driving Industrial Innovation Together

Build flexible industrial IoT solutions with ThingWorx, and deliver them with Azure—Microsoft’s scalable, secure and intelligent cloud platform. Extend your solution by seamlessly integrating applications from across the portfolios of Microsoft and PTC.

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ThingWorx with Azure
Colfax Drives IoT With ThingWorx and Microsoft

Colfax Drives IoT With ThingWorx and Microsoft

See how Colfax continues to expand its digital capabilities and more with ThingWorx and Azure.

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BAE Innovates Manufacturing with Mixed Reality

To enhance the productivity of their technicians, BAE is using ThingWorx Studio to author Mixed Reality experiences for HoloLens. In just hours and at one-tenth the cost of traditional methods, BAE created an immersive MR experience for consuming guided work instructions. The results are even more impressive; new workers now develop skills 30-40% faster. Once trained, technicians assemble battery cells with greater speed and consistency.

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The ThingWorx Developer Portal offers a wealth of resources for IoT and AR builders, including trial-version software, guided tutorial projects and community groups. Join today and get hands-on experience building with PTC and Microsoft technology.

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