Aerospace and defense meets IoT and augmented reality

Smart warriors adapt. The prospect of aerospace and defense sector efficiency gains from emerging technologies like IoT and augmented reality is quickly shifting from theory to legitimate use cases and acquisitions. But the threat surface from these technologies is expanding so rapidly that it now includes what used to be safe ground under your feet. From the designer’s desktop, to the factory floor, to operating environments on land, air, sea, and space—the digital thread is being stretched across the entire product lifecycle.   

How will you meet this challenge? There are no easy answers, but in general start fast and secure, fail small, then scale what is working. Induce tight feedback across multiple OODA loops. Your near-peer competitors are doing the same. Whether you are in government or industry, can you afford to stand still?

Vuforia Studio Microsoft HoloLens 2 demo Alex Kipman

Smarter aerospace factory operations with augmented reality

MRO-Network highlighted PTC Vuforia's augmented workshop solutions to boost smarter aerospace factory operations. Thanks to remote-expertise functionality, scalable AR content like MRO procedure guidance, training programs, and work instructions can be created. Howden, an industrial manufacturer, combined the power of PTC Vuforia Studio with the Microsoft HoloLens for immersive, real-time change for their customers.

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IoT and augmented reality: Business challenges and key questions

Mission success within budget is a key business challenge for both industry and government stakeholders in aerospace and defense. PTC has the system-wide insight, proven technology, and best practices to help lower risk while connecting the present to the future with IoT and augmented reality. Read on for some critical questions to ask as business challenges in IoT and augmented reality arise—our aerospace and defense experts are ready with solutions on the other side.



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Augmented Reality for the A&D Enterprise is Here

Experience what's possible with Augmented Reality for the aerospace and defense enterprise then add the video.

The Digital Thread for Additive Manufacturing

What role can additive manufacturing play in the digital thread and in the context of a typical defense project that is operational.

IoT and augmented reality solutions:

Leaders Rely on PTC Aerospace and Defense Experience and Results

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