Optimize PLM Performance Without IT Strain

Written By: Mindy Hayes
  • 1/18/2023
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Driving business transformation through SaaS PLM

As more and more manufacturers adopt digital thread technologies, the role and responsibilities of IT must evolve and expand to support this digital transformation. Amidst the increasing complexity of both physical and digital systems, IT groups must remain focused on maintaining complicated, enterprise-wide operations while supporting strategically significant activities for the business. 

When it comes to performance optimization, the lion’s share of responsibility lies on IT’s shoulders. The resource demands on IT to support enterprise systems often limit their role in advancing digital transformation—including any emerging digital thread technologies. Rather than allow their business to fall behind, IT departments are increasingly turning to SaaS PLM solutions. This new generation of PLM takes the administrative burden off IT’s plate while empowering the business with a bevy of new features and impressive performance. 

Keeping Up With Business

To keep up with fluctuating business demands, you want your IT team to be agile and responsive. Part of that equation is optimizing or eliminating operations that aren’t adding value. But PLM solutions are complex, and optimizing them—whether on-premises or in the cloud—is not always an easy task. All the intricacy of maintaining a PLM system, as well as analyzing adoption, usability, and performance can require a significant amount of IT bandwidth and considerable expertise. IT is responsible for handling any new features or scaling capabilities to support new regions/departments. Additionally, the IT team is liable for hardware limitations, be it failure to accommodate a peak in demand, general wear and tear, or ensuring consistency across PLM environments (production, quality assurance, etc.).

On top of these internal factors, there are many ways technology providers/partners can inadvertently throw a wrench into your operations. For example, when a partner changes their business model, you’re on the hook to rearchitect and reflect those changes by updating storage or developing new container management strategies, etc.

Optimize Performance Through SaaS

SaaS PLM solutions dramatically improve your ability to respond to market changes when compared to traditional, on-premises PLM solutions. Even better, these solutions also alleviate the strain on your IT department. For a typical on-premises or cloud customer, optimizing software is a secondary business goal at best, but for PTC, optimizing performance is always top of mind and key to Windchill+ success. As a SaaS PLM solution Windchill+ gives customers a best-in-class software development lifecycle (SDLC) by owning the full stack of technology, and resolving issues quickly with dedicated teams across support, operations, and R&D. 

Along with streamlining support, PTC can analyze performance behavior via dozens of monitoring points and allocate resources in response to optimize the user experience. This is achieved with a Windchill+ exclusive deployment architecture designed to scale and meet demand (from migrations or large data imports, for example). The result is a SaaS PLM solution that accelerates your operations and empowers users with superior performance, while removing support demands from IT so they are free to partner with you on your strategic initiatives—such as digital transformation and keeping pace with volatile, rapidly evolving market conditions.

PLM that Delivers Peace of Mind

Your PLM solution should be as agile and responsive as your business without overworking your IT resources. Read IDC's Infobrief to learn why the analyst firm forecasts a surge in adoption of SaaS PLM over the next few years driven by its unique ability to digitally transform product development and manufacturing processes.


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