New Research: State of Digital Transformation 2021

Written By: Molly Isadora Sadoff
  • 3/3/2021
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Did you know 92 percent of industrial companies are already on a digital transformation journey? This is just one of the important and actionable findings from our latest research report: The State of Digital Transformation 2021. Our research uncovers the increasing use of digital technology, dives into the three stages of a DX strategy (planning, piloting, and rollout), and provides a data-driven roadmap for companies to be successful in every stage of digital transformation.

What you'll learn

Our global survey of over 360 senior-level leaders and decision makers from industrial companies reveals:

  • Annual investment in DX across multiple industries and geographies
  • How individual company priorities compare with market trends
  • The range of DX goals and how they can be applied to company-wide initiatives
  • Components of a successful DX strategy

Recommendations & key insights

Our analysis of the survey data identified an important pattern: Where companies are in their DX journey determines priorities and challenges. Whether your company is in the planning, piloting, or rollout stage, the report has data-driven findings on what’s important to consider and prioritize at each state internally and externally with potential partners.

DX leaders can leverage this guide to ensure success not only in their current state of transformation, but also to start preparing for the next step. Learn the important questions companies need to ask themselves (and vendors) at each stage and how to avoid pilot purgatory by laying a roadmap for how to scale from a single DX pilot to multiple global initiatives.

Get the latest insights on DX

Read the full report, including new survey data, industry benchmarks, and data-driven recommendations.

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About the Author

Molly Isadora Sadoff

Molly Isadora Sadoff is a project manager for Corporate Marketing at PTC. She started with the company in 2019, working on the Global Partner Marketing team, where she collaborated cross functionally with internal teams to design, develop, and manage global marketing programs. Molly previously worked for several life sciences startups running their events strategy and programs. She is a graduate of the University of Hartford and in her free time enjoys hiking, kayaking and adventuring with her dog, Henrietta.