The Transformative Potential of Your Service Strategy

Transform Your Product Lifecycle

To create efficiencies that improve margins, you need to drive innovation across your physical products and the many processes that support them. At PTC, we’re creating a new generation of digital technology that powers the way you engineer, manufacture, and service your physical products—so your teams can achieve their most critical business goals.

Because we don’t just imagine a better world, we help create it.

Improve Efficiency

Increase efficiency across service, manufacturing, and engineering by improving technician productivity, asset efficiency, and design optimization. See how you can increase OEE up to 50%, improve operator productivity up to 60%, and decrease unplanned downtime up to 30% to ensure every process in the value chain streamlined, scalable, and effective.

Asset Efficiency

Improve your capacity utilization and eliminate unplanned downtime—while reducing changeover times and WIP inventory.

Technician Productivity

Improve your service organization's most important metrics: first-time fix rate and mean time to repair. Explore tools for technician efficiency, including remote condition monitoring, predictive analytics, and augmented expert guidance.

Design Optimization

Ensure the products you create cost less to produce and are more reliable by validating designs against both market requirements and real-world conditions and stresses.

Lost Time Incidents

Make lost time incidents—and lost time injuries—a thing of the past. Protect employees with procedural guidance and compliance checkpoints.

Maximize Revenue Growth

Unlock opportunities that support new revenue streams by getting new products to market up to 90% faster with integrated data, processes, people, and technology across your organization. Maximize revenue growth and increase factory output up to 30% by cutting time to market, lot sizes, and lead times.

New Business Models

Power new revenue growth by enabling your organization to introduce new products faster, optimize your existing offerings, and address emerging market needs with new business models. Give your customers new reasons to buy from you by monetizing products and services.

On-time Delivery

Ensure customer orders are on time, every time. Explore solutions for real-time operational insights, asset monitoring, and digital and augmented work instructions.

Customer Lifetime Value

See how digital service tools can empower you to become a partner in your customers' success by helping them boost efficiency and minimize downtime. Optimize your service offerings to build customer lifetime value and increase revenue.


Maximize the throughput of your operations by optimizing your asset efficiency, uptime, and utilization. Increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) with our digital manufacturing solutions.

Service Revenue

Boost your service profitability by up to 50% by delivering more proactive, efficient service centered around maximizing uptime for your customers. Increase your revenue growth by introducing new Product as a Service and servitization models into your offerings.

Takt Time

Drive speed and agility on the plant floor by reducing your lead, cycle, and takt times with asset and production monitoring.


Ensure your workforce is ready for the challenges of today—and tomorrow. Accelerate your onboarding and training processes with digital and augmented work instructions to maximize manufacturing flexibility, improve workforce productivity, and stay competitive.

Mass Customization

Embrace mass customization and personalization to help you drive revenue and shorten sales cycles by better meeting the needs of your customers. Empower your organization to better meet customer needs and support a complex product portfolio from factory to field.

Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Future-proof your business by creating a sustainable competitive advantage built with supreme workforce efficiency and industry-leading products and services. Empower every step of the value chain to reach new levels of agility, flexibility, and scalability.

Reduce Operational Costs

Reduce operational costs by up to 12% across the value chain through real-time monitoring and connected analytics solutions. See how you can cut your costs for labor, compliance, materials, truck rolls, and overhead to improve first-time fix rate and operator productivity while lowering scrap and rework, cost of quality, and technician on-site time.

Labor Costs

Lower both direct and indirect labor costs across your operations while improving workforce productivity and advancing safety initiatives. Empower your workforce with enhanced training, expert knowledge capture and transfer, and standard operating procedures.

Materials Costs

Reduce scrap and rework and better manage overall materials costs with real-time asset monitoring and quality assurance.

Overhead Costs

Keep your manufacturing overhead low with asset health monitoring, operational performance management, and predictive maintenance.

Compliance Costs

Keep compliance costs low by ensuring your employees are trained and safe with industrial augmented reality-enabled work instructions.

Truck Rolls

Prevent unnecessary trucks rolls and blind dispatches to cut field service costs. See how remote monitoring, predictive service, and service parts management help to control costs without compromising service excellence.

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is empowering industrial organizations to deliver sustainable innovation, disruption-proof products and services, and continuous operational improvement. Explore how PTC technology—delivered as SaaS, hybrid, or on-premises software solutions—can create value for your business by delivering accurate product and process information to the right person, at the right time, in the right context, across your extended enterprise.

Align your hardware and software development processes and support regulatory compliance for your products with traceability, transparency, and advanced workflows.

Deliver highly visual training and work instructions to frontline employees or customers by overlaying 3D digital content onto their real-world environment.

Create 3D digital models of real-world products to share, review, simulate, and modify your designs before they’re manufactured.

Monitor, analyze, and act on your industrial data with real-time operational insights that enable bottleneck analysis, predictive maintenance, and energy management.

Establish the foundation for a digital thread and provide stakeholders across the extended enterprise with access to an authoritative source of real-time data.

Maximize customer uptime by aligning your service parts management, technical communication, field service management, and product support operations.

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