Create Mixed Reality Solutions for HoloLens 2 With Vuforia Studio

Solve problems in real time, avoid the costs of unplanned downtime, and empower end users with data insights for optimal service by creating mixed reality solutions with PTC and Vuforia Studio.

Enable customers with Mixed Reality for HoloLens


How do you enable customers in the field to solve equipment problems before they start? To solve for unplanned downtime for end users, Howden leveraged existing 3D models to create mixed reality solutions with Vuforia Studio. PTC and Vuforia unleash the immersive, hands-free power of the Microsoft HoloLens by incorporating real-time ThingWorx IoT data and Microsoft Azure. Learn how Howden enhanced customers' control of and visibility into their equipment by creating scalable mixed reality experiences.

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Solve the Skills Gap with A New Take on Reality

In today’s competitive climate, manufacturers are under pressure to improve productivity, efficiency, and agility to stay ahead. To gain a competitive edge, transform your business with augmented and mixed reality. Leverage scalable expertise, effective knowledge transfer, and immersive hands-free experiences to increase workforce productivity, improve employee retention, and close the skills gap. Read the eBook to explore real-world use cases.