PTC Connected PLM Summary Connected PLM’s Instrumental Role in Retail Transformation

Retail’s new normal is dynamic and digitally driven

Consumers of fashion and consumer products want it all: personalization, competitive pricing, high quality and anytime-anywhere fulfillment.

Retailers urgently need to craft smart strategies to adapt and compete.

By leveraging a Connected PLM approach and technology platform, retailers and brands can position themselves as leaders in the new retail economy.

This summary covers key elements of a Connected PLM strategy in a concise briefing for busy executives.

Key highlights include:

  • How connected PLM can transform the plan-and-create, source-and-produce and sell-and-engage phases of the product lifecycle.
  • Ways this approach empowers retailers to inject newness into collections and seize opportunities for product personalization.
  • A roadmap for the journey, with milestones from laying a foundation to getting out in front

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