Seagate’s Story of Productivity, Quality, and Scale—Establishing an Enterprise Digital Thread with a PLM Foundation

When Seagate, the leading global data storage company, set out to replace their aging and siloed R&D systems with a platform that ensured scalability for future growth and business needs, they turned to PTC. Windchill PLM software has now become the backbone for an enterprise-wide digital thread—spanning geographies, lines of business, engineering disciplines, and functions (such as manufacturing, operations, finance, service, supply chain, materials, and more).

With the foundation in place for a product-driven digital thread, Seagate is realizing:

  • Maximum productivity at each lifecycle phase: Fewer errors, more automation, and less time to complete tasks
  • Decreased product costs: Reduced part duplication, greater data integrity, and better supply chain collaboration
  • Reduced cost of poor quality: Less scrap and rework, plus better customer satisfaction

Seagate anticipates these improvements will result in tens of millions of dollars in savings per year, and faster time to market. Before you watch the on-demand webcast, you can get a quick look at how this leading manufacturer is driving high volume complex manufacturing to the next level by watching this short video from Amir Mazoochi, technologist at Seagate.

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