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Augmented Reality Provides a Competitive Edge for Manufacturers

Enable your workforce with interactive, 3D work instructions.

As products grow more sophisticated, producing them has become exponentially more complex. Manufacturers need to find innovative solutions to ensure customer satisfaction while driving cost effectiveness and profitability. Augmented reality (AR) is quickly emerging as the preferred technology to achieve these goals.

In addition to using AR to address traditional manufacturing challenges like unexpected downtime and time-consuming machine maintenance, many organizations are seeing tremendous value in using AR to narrow the skills gap between their retiring workforce and new hires.

Through the power of 3D, interactive work instructions, manufacturers can optimize their most valuable asset – their front-line workers. Whether they are new or experienced, AR provides the right information to the right people at the right time, effectively reducing errors, improving overall factory throughput, and enhancing worker safety.


With the power of AR, you can expect nearly zero defects


AR helps improve assembly timelines
by 50%


AR decreases
training time
by 60%