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Creo Illustrate: 3D Technical Illustration Software

Creo Illustrate is best-in-class technical illustration software that combines illustration capabilities with associative CAD data to deliver configuration-specific graphical information — information that reflects the current product design — for operating, servicing and maintaining products. It lets you easily create 2D/3D technical illustrations that make complex products and procedures understandable to customers and service staff.

This powerful software handles disparate CAD formats as a stand-alone tool and can be fully integrated with Windchill, Creo and Servigistics Arbortext products — to deliver fast, up-to-date information. Creo Illustrate can also restructure CAD engineering bills of materials (eBOMs) to create service bills of materials (sBOMs) for parts and service procedures, or other illustration purposes.

Deployment Options

Creo Illustrate has several deployment options to suit your specific business needs. These offerings are tailored to scale to your technical illustration requirements as well as your budget.

With Creo Illustrate You Can

  • Reduce translation costs: Replace text with illustrated step-by-step procedures, 3D animations, illustrated parts lists and other graphical representations

  • Automate parts lists creation: Generate parts lists and call-outs directly from CAD metadata to produce dynamic parts lists

  • Clearly convey complex information: 3D animations visually describe complex service procedures for easy consumption

  • Increase illustrator productivity: Automate illustration change management throughout the service information lifecycle by maintaining an associative link to original CAD files.

Watch how Creo Illustrate Animations Improves Task Comprehension

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